VICASS Voice Identity Capture Authentication System & Services


We provide Triple Factor Voice Authentication Services to Enterprises and BFSI to ensure robust Access Controls for both non-financial and financial transactions to take place

In addition to basic Access control we also provide Voice Signature registration facility to build in additional access layer cum non-repudiation measure


We provide following services-

1. Registering Voice Samples from Employees/Account Holders identified by our Clients

2. Voice Signature Capture

3. Integration with Client Systems including CBS

4. User Verification before granting Access to the Client Systems

5. Reports on Successful long-in, failures and reasons for rejection

6. Voice Signature Capture and File forwarding to Clients for tagging to respective Transaction

7. And Customization as may be needed


Basic Information on the proposed User (Employee/Account Holder) is shared with us by the Client. This includes Name, Employee Code or Customer Identification Number and the Preferred Phone number (Wireline or Mobile) for VICASS to connect to

A unique User Id is created by the System and mapped to the inputs provided by our Client

The User then proceeds to Log in directly on our Portal or is redirected by the Client Portal

The User receives a System generated Call onto the Preferred Phone Number

User is Prompted to record a Secret Phrase Five times spaced with a BEEP sounded by the System after each recording. Apart from Voice nuances, the Secret Phrase constitutes key ingredient of the User Identity

Upon successful registration, a confirmation message is sent to both User and Client

In case of failure, the reason is conveyed to User with a request to re-register


As above except that the User is requested to read aloud standard Paragraph of about 15 lines

In both Voice Capture and Voice Signature the Choice of Language is left to the User

NOTE: Please ensure Minimal External Noise since the system is likely to reject Registration OR Validation.


The User enters his User Id on the Client Portal and clicks on SUBMIT/AUTHETICATE Button

User receives a System generated call on the designated (preferred) Phone and is prompted to speak up the Secret Pass Phrase

In case the Phrase is in order and Voice record matches, the User is connected back to the Transaction Page on Client Systems, as may be his eligibility


The technology is registered under a US Patent owned by ACK3 Bionetics Pvt. Limited, Singapore

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