ETF(Electronic Transaction Platform)


Banks facilitate Financial Inclusion for the under-banked and/or the off-line Sub-Members Sponsored by them for Mainstream Electronic Platform participation

Banks also innovate to expand the Services Stack to attract Enterprise Customers

ETF, the UPASS offering meets with their requirements for both scenarios with the Two way (Send/Receive)and One way (Pay)ETF

Send/Receive Platform

UPASS enables the Sponsored Entity to handle the NEFT/RTGS Payouts for its Customers and Members without exposing the net Banking System directly to the Branch personnel handling the Customer request

In addition to Basic processing, UPASS system also ensures compliance and security by enforcing Maker Checker mechanism , Transaction Value Rules and reconciliation on the go

Conversely, the Account Holders with such Entities are enabled to receive Electronic Remittances sing the Sponsoring Banks IFSC Number and Virtual Account Numbers mapped to the Entity

UPASS manages the Platform and operates the System on Host to Host Integration basis to ensure Real time transactions

Details available on request

This Distributed Payment Initiative is an additional Service for Large Enterprises where multiple Officials and Executives are delegated with Powers to incur expenses on behalf of the Enterprise