Indian Cable Tv Sector ranks Second worldwide. Together with DTH, India has the World’s largest Digital TV Market.UPASS caters to the requirements of Cable TV in the cusp of transition from Analog to Digital and from Basic Services to Value Added Services.

We provide low cost, user friendly technology for the entire Customer Life Cycle Management for Cable TV Networks at Multi System Operator, Last Mile Operator and the Customer level as well Our range covers Customer acquisition, Customer Management, Billing and invoicing, Collections, Settlement within Value Chain, and Collection through all possible means of payment and CRM.

Our relevant Solutions are also customized for DTH Players and Internet Service Providers.

Product Vertical Functionalities
(Sales Automation, Settlement and Services Enablement) Cable TV , DTH and Data Access(ISP) e-CAF for Paperless Customer Acquisition Subscriber Management System with Inventory, CRM Modules Prepaid Services on B2B between Digital Platform(MSO and LCO( Distributor) and B2P Basis (Customer level)
IDo(Individualized Digital Operations ) Cable and DTH Service Requests(Fresh/Change/Book/Cancel)
Account View
360° CMS(Collections Management System)covering Cash, Cheque, Cards, On Line, Wallet, Aadhaar Pay BFSI
Cable TV/Telecom/Power
Deposit/Repayment/Premium/Post-paid Subscribers
e-CAF with e-KYC Banking/Telecom/Insurance Customer acquisition/Lead Management
White Labelled Wallet Large Enterprises Electronic Sub-accounts, Merchant Aggregation, Sales, Remittance and permissible Banking Transactions
Data Depository Enterprises Retailers Supporting Documents/Images Accounts/Inventory Status