This is one of the most regulated and Data Sensitive Sector witnessing rapid Growth, mostly into newer Markets. The traditional Brick and Mortar Branch Set up is being supplemented by Banking Agents, Off-Site Automation and Mobility Solutions

UPASS technology is deployed by Banks, Financing Institutions, Credit Societies for Collections, Micro- ATM deployed with Agents, Financial Inclusion through Electronic Transactions Platform integration on Host to Host basis

Our technology is also utilized by Banks and others for Customer/Prospect Verification,Insurance Premium collection and Lead Management

Product Vertical Functionalities
ETF(Electronic Transactions Platform) Banking
Credit Societies
Remit, Receive, Disburse, Collect
Micro- ATM with Dual Factor Authentication Banking Doorstep and Agent delivered Banking Services
e-CAF with e-KYC Banking/Telecom/Insurance Customer acquisition/Lead Management
White Labelled Wallet Large Enterprises Electronic Sub-accounts, Merchant Aggregation, Sales, Remittance and permissible Banking Transactions
Data Depository Enterprises Retailers Supporting Documents/Images Accounts/Inventory Status