Our Belief

IOT, AI, VR are no more mere Topics of discussions but are very much here and changing our lives and businesses at unimaginable speeds. The ICT led Revolution will touch every life and job in one or other way. The Business World is rapidly moving towards Paperless, DIY (Do it yourself) and BYOD (Brig Your Own Device) formats.

Individuals are getting empowered to undertake P2P (Person to Person), P2B (Person to Business) and P2G (Person to Government) transactions.Multi-tasking of individuals employees, diversification, geographic spread of business footprints and newer modes are on the rise. The immense diversity also means that rarely would ‘One size fits all/Off the shelf’ technology will be conceived or created by anyone. Customization and Plug- ins will be orders of the day.

Mobile Devices outnumber the rest Electronic devices many times over.Rapidly changing Devices, Platform composition and capabilities also mean that Technology Solution will not be permanent any more. Data Access, IVRS, SMS based Interfaces exist, under development and testing giving Mo-device the potential to be the Flagship, if not Sole, Compu’nicating device by 2020.

Mobility Solutions will thus play a critical role in IOT-led transformation of Business Processes and Financial Transactions. Time is ripe for Mobiles to turn into Intelligent Business Machines delivering Computerization without Computers. Technology Players have to bring in these changes and grow with a sense of responsibility towards Society and the Eco-System.

UPASS Team is driven by strong Ethics and Values, concern for Customers, Users and beneficiaries alike.